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Microsoft Dreamspark

Microsoft Dreamspark is an annual membership program for departments in the area of Computer Science, Engineering, and Information Systems. As a member, the department's faculty and students may check-out or download Microsoft operating system and developer tools software to install on their personal computers.

SoftwareWhat software is available?

The software available is a large range of Microsoft products, from their Windows desktop operating system to server software and development environments. For the up-to-date full listings, login to Dreamspark by clicking Here

Usage Guidelines Summary

The software provided under the Microsoft Dreamspark program may be installed on PCs to facilitate educational or non-commercial research specific to Microsoft program software.

Students who are taking at least one course in the member department may install the software on their personal computers.

Departmental faculty members providing support for Dreamspark software may install the software on their personal computers.

The software may not be used on any computer that supports the operations of the institution such as accounting, admissions, facilities, information technology, etc.


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